Introducing Gross Environment Product In Uttarakhand

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Introducing Gross Environment Product in Uttarakhand, jargon or reality? The government of Uttarakhand is ready to work with everyone to develop eco-tourism and earn revenue. This means that the gross domestic product (GDP) of the state has become another commodity on the market. Tourism is an integral part of the economy and all types of activities are planned to support this.

Tourism as a business will come in various forms and will be supported by different sectors. Some projects will focus on nature tourism, others on eco tourism. It is estimated that close to one million tourists from across the country visit Uttarakhand every year for the grand opportunity to explore the pristine landscapes, snow-capped peaks, lush valleys and cascading waterfalls. This explains why Uttarakhand has become an important center for Gross Environment Product (GDP) growth. Tourism in the state has already made significant headway and the key to its success will be in devising a strategy that is based on the objectives of Gross Environment Product in Uttarakhand.

The first aim will be environmental; hence the names like Eco-Tourism and Eco Travels. The second aim will be promoting community involvement. It should be understood that environmental issues are important to the residents of Uttarakhand as well as people from other states who are keen to promote a healthy environment. There is also a need for a lot more information sharing about the state and its natural environs, so that tourists can be aware of the potential dangers and benefits of visiting the place. The media can be utilized to promote the mission and vision of the tourism board.

Uttarakhand is one of the best places to introduce Gross Environment Product in Uttarakhand. This is because the landscape of the state is extremely diverse. It has been carved out and named as mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and gorges, all of which have their own distinct characters and are home to different wildlife species. The tourism board should therefore promote awareness and provide information on the biodiversity of the place.

In order to promote tourism in the state, the board must ensure that the environmental risks and dangers are discussed in the operational manuals of hotels and other hospitality services. These manuals must include standards recommended by the government and the World Wide Web site regarding the use of the environment and reduction of damage. The management of hotels should ensure that they do not violate any standard recommended by the authorities. Luxury hotels should consult their suppliers and enquire about the use of pesticides. Other than that, the state government has introduced a special fund called the Silent Heroes Trust that will be used to improve the promotion of the environment in the state.

While the Gross Environment Product in Uttarakhand concept may be a jargon or a reality for some people who understand it well, it can be termed as a marketing scheme that will be beneficial to the tourism board. Apart, from that the concept is already benefiting the state in many ways. The tourism board is able to reduce the amount of damage and therefore is contributing its part in making the world a better place. Tourism is the main revenue generator in the state and thus this contribution by the tourism board will make Uttarakhand a better place to live in.

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